16 Week Fast Forward Sales Course

Persuaded! The deceptively simple process for resistance-free sales


Have you ever lost buyers and sellers even though hands down you were the clear choice? If so, then this is the course that will change your financial life and your career for the better! After completing this course you will discover that as your sales versatility increases, you sell more in less time and your prospecting even becomes fun as you quickly get to the “yes!”


In this course you will discover:

  • How to turn the most difficult prospects into the easiest of clients so that you can focus on generating sales instead of putting out fires
  • How to never again be labeled or referred to as “the pushy salesperson”
  • The little-known and rarely talked about formula to being powerfully persuasive without your clients or prospects feeling pressured!
  • The magic words and phrases that will allow you to overcome obstacles, persuade without pressure, and close even the most difficult of prospects with ease!
  • How to decode each prospect’s unique decision making patterns, so that you can sell them exactly the way they want to be sold (a skill that will create raving fans that refer you business in the process).

This course includes:

  • ​16 Weeks Of Persuasive Language Training with Joel Rico (1-hour per week)
  • ​16 Weeks of Live Script Practice with Joel! Live Practice, Role-plays, and Objection Mastery!
  • ​Workbooks with Tools, Techniques, and Examples
  • BONUS #1: Joel’s “Overcoming Objections” Training Video
  • BONUS #2: Email Access To Joel In Between Your Calls
  • ​BONUS #3: Debbie’s On Demand Session – “How to Identify the 5 Sources of Lead Generation that are the Best Fit for your Personality and Skill Set”

Meet your coach: Joel Rico

  • Engineer turned Real Estate Broker, Investor, Trainer
  • NLP Master Practitioner and Negotiations Specialist
  • Has trained THOUSANDS of Real Estate Brokers and Agents… many to 500+ sales / year
  • Likes flipping houses and extreme sports

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