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“Thank you Michelle for being amazing, funny, and willing to call me on my stuff!”


I have been coaching with Forward Coaching now for just about a month give or take. I have coached elsewhere before and was not really happy and maybe even considered myself “un-coachable” but I don’t believe that any longer! Debbie matched me with the amazing Michelle and I am just so grateful! I love and look forward to our calls and while we may still be honeymooning I know that she is someone that I would allow to speak life into my life and business! Thank you Michelle for being amazing, funny, and willing to call me on my stuff!

– Samantha Eastman
eXp Realty, WA

“I highly recommend coaching with Forward Coaching…best decision I made in 2020”


I started coaching with Debbie De Grote at Forward Coaching in April 2020, during the pandemic lockdown. Debbie has helped me to evaluate my business and pivot to the new normal. She has coached me through difficult transactions, guides me in expanding my lead generation techniques, and motivates me when I am discouraged. What I like about Debbie vs. some of the other real estate coaches is her non-confrontational approach with scripting, lead generating and negotiating. The Forward Coaching member portal has a wealth of information and scripts to help you expand your business. I started doing virtual events during the pandemic, which has helped me position myself as a real estate wise advisor. The Forward Coaching member portal provides the presentation slides, along with consumer guides, and templates for invitations. From a template in the resource center, I recently mailed handwritten letters to a community my buyers want to live in and got an 8% response rate! The weekly training webinars also provide valuable and relevant information and training. My business has grown since I started coaching with Debbie in a very challenging year. The business planning training has enabled me to evaluate my business and a set plan in place for a record-breaking year in 2021! I highly recommend coaching with Forward Coaching…best decision I made in 2020.

– Sarina Bergman
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, AZ

“She has been very beneficial for my business”


I highly recommend Alyssa; I’ve been coaching with her since 2016. I found having her to counsel with has been very reassuring, keeps focused with the direction and organization skills that help me reach my goals. Her admin program, it’s been very valuable to me. My new admin has been on board for 6 months and this has really helped with her direction and training. I feel that this will be beneficial to her directional goals. It’s something that I look forward to in the week and we both enjoy it. I think that overall it will be something that will help in the future as well. I do and would recommend a coaching program and workshop with Alyssa. She has been very beneficial for my business.

– Karen Orsolics
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, CA

“I couldn’t have done it without all the wise coaching of Dave Clark”


I just received the notice that I am being recognized by our board of Realtors for being in the top 10% (top 2500)! I couldn’t have done it without all the wise coaching of Dave Clark. I am glad you didn’t just let me quit when I didn’t think it would work a few years ago. You took an hour or more on the phone to listen and gave it thought before connecting Dave and I. Dave has stuck with me through the sometimes roller-coaster of life and work for the past few years and done it with joy. When I started to stray from my goals, he was right there to bring me back. He listened to my excuses patiently and then pushed me to go further than I ever thought I could. I appreciate all the training and connections you have provided me over the years – Tuesday group calls, listing & event trainings, resources, and now the Advanced Admin course. You have given so much. I truly enjoyed being invited into your Coeur d’Alene home a few years ago and the great networking and education there. You and Dave (and your family) are making a difference in my life and business. I really appreciate you all so very much.

– Heather Smith
Life Hopes Homes | iPro Realty Network, UT

“I know this community and coach are what I need to revive my business and shoot for the stars in 2020!”


Debbie, I just wanted to write a note to let you know how happy I am with being matched with Coach J.P. Within our first session I could tell J.P. would be far superior than another coach/mentor I’ve worked with before. He is clear, concise, and very encouraging. I am amazed at the amount of professional development he has fostered within me within four sessions. J.P. also goes out of his way to check in between sessions and offer inspiration and encouragement. So happy I joined the coaching program. I know this community and coach are what I need to revive my business and shoot for the stars in 2020!

– Stacey Woods
Compass Real Estate, Palo Alto, CA

“She is the reason that we are able to keep our eyes on the prize”


We have been coaching clients with Karyn Kochanowski for over one year. To say that she has helped us in our business would not even begin to describe how much she has helped us. Karyn is always available, even in between our coaching sessions, to review ideas and marketing pieces and to help us improve our follow up plans. Karyn is always upbeat and encouraging and she works hard to keep us accountable. She was invaluable in assisting us with our year end planning at the end of 2018 and has kept us on task throughout 2019. She is the reason that we are able to keep our eyes on the prize. We cannot recommend her services more highly. She has truly been a great resource for us to be able to reach our goals. We plan on working with her for many years to come. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about Karyn and her tremendous professional coaching.

– Lisa Lundt & Andy Karpf
Better Homes & Gardens, Las Vegas

“With Gus’ knowledge, support, guidance, and advice, we continue to surpass our goals”


Along with my business partner Kellie Clenet, Gus Alba from Debbie’s team has been our coach and part of our team for the past two and a half years. With Gus’ knowledge, support, guidance, and advice, we continue to surpass our goals. While we do have set coaching times with Gus, Gus is there for Kellie and me whenever we have a question, or need a planning session regarding our sellers, buyers, or general real estate questions. We know that Gus is just a phone call, email, or text message away. Gus has helped us to be in the top 1% of all Berkshire Hathaway agents nationwide. If you’re looking for a coach to help you achieve your next level and beyond, we highly recommend Gus Alba to be your coach. Your knowledge will increase and the confidence inside you will grow as you become a better realtor. We have, and in fact our income has more than doubled. One reason is our coach, Gus.

– Randy Freed
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Santa Barbara

“Alyssa has helped me determine a path that works with my strengths”


I have been coached by Alyssa for over a year and have gone from feeling overwhelmed to much more focused and in control of my business. Alyssa has guided me with insights into how I work with clients, marketing, and organization. Instead of a million directions, Alyssa has helped me determine a path that works with my strengths. Her calm demeanor and encouraging words have truly helped me create a manageable, growing business. As a coaching client, I take advantage of the webinars and the retreats Debbie offers. The Listing Language resource has taken me from a 30% close rate on marketing presentations to a 70% close rate and I’m excited to continue working with Alyssa to close even more transactions this year.

– Lisa Johnson
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Arizona Properties

“I so appreciate you!”


Guess what?! In 2018 I made $89,000 GCI. First half of 2019 I made $189,000 GCI. This is in large part because of your help. I so appreciate you! Thank you!

– Danae Aballi, Douglas Elliman

“Their coaching has been an invaluable resource for doubling my real estate business year over year”


Debbie De Grote’s coaching is the customized program I’m doing now and have been doing for the past few years. Debbie used to work for Mike Ferry and was a top producer across the nation. The reason I chose her coaching team was because her coaches are highly sought after for perfecting the “seller” part of the business. I had the tech stuff down and I needed a coaching firm that understood how to grow that part of the business. Their coaching has been an invaluable resource for doubling my real estate business year over year. His program is centered around building my real estate business with no hidden agenda. He has provided tools and techniques to assist me in dealing with challenging situations. From personnel development, client acquisition and overall brokerage management, I always know I have a coach I can trust. The coaching style is a hands-on, consultative approach and I’m always excited to uncover potential problems and discuss probable solutions with him at our meetings.

– Rachelle Willhite
Founder/Owner, Best Choice Realty

“Since I’ve been working with Dave over the past year, I’ve doubled my sales to over $7.1 million”


I work the northern Virginia market, one of the biggest markets in the country. After I retired from about 25 years in the army, I decided to go into real estate and start my own business. I struggled for the first couple years, I think the most I ever did was about $3 million in sales, and then I decided to up my game. I was happy to meet Dave Clark and Dave has been fantastic. Since I’ve been working with Dave over the past year, I’ve doubled my sales to over $7.1 million. That’s what I did last year, and I think I’m going to do much more than that this year with Dave’s help. Dave provides a lot of great insights from his own experience, and he also pulls together great ideas from other agents throughout the country. Every session I learn something new. He’s always seeking ways to improve and that’s exactly what I needed. I’m very happy. I can tell you that the money will pay for the sessions, you’re going to make that up in spades when it comes to how much more business you’re going to do. I’d highly recommend Dave. He’s available all the time, there’s never a time I can’t call him or bounce some ideas off of him. So if you’re looking for a great coach, I can’t say enough good things about Dave Clark.

– Randy Haufe
Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty

“Thank you Debbie and the team!”


I just want to thank Debbie De Grote for the faculty coaching program that has helped me grow alongside Gus’ coaching! I did a buyer consultation yesterday with a couple referred to me. I learned that they have met 15 agents over the past few months during open houses, several showed them properties. They informed me that they decided to work with me. Thank you Debbie and the team!

– Kaylyn Shen
Real Estate Consultant, First Team

“For the first time in my career I have found a coaching program that exceeds my analytical expectations”


J.P. thank you for all that you do. For the first time in my career I have found a coaching program that exceeds my analytical expectations lol. You are an amazing coach and I am very appreciative of your time and commitment to coaching and the individual agents whose lives you are changing on a daily basis. I am looking forward to our next call!!

– Danielle Levins
Levins & Co. Realty, Tampa, FL

“What you’ve created is invaluable”


I want to thank you, Debbie. What you’ve created is invaluable. I enjoy learning from you and Gus. I really hope that I can grow better and be more skilled at listing proposal this coming year. The past three years have been exciting, growing my business over 400%! There is no debate in my mind about the quality or ability that Debbie and her team demonstrate in assisting Business owners / sales people to achieve higher levels of success. They are in front of cutting edge technology. They’re in tune to today’s markets which helps to direct any salesperson in the right path through a plan tailored for their needs.

– Ernie Armijo
Branch Manager, 
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties

“Victor has added so much value to my business”


I started working with Victor in September of 2016 and quickly learned that I had found the key to my success. Victor has added so much value to my business by helping me better manage my time by setting priorities for action that immediately increased my productivity. Even if you think you know it all, I’m confident that Victor could massively increase your productivity by holding you accountable for implementing what you know more efficiently. I committed to meeting with Victor once a week and it has been the best investment I’ve made in the business. On a day that you may feel a bit burned out or have your head in the to do pile, Victor refocuses and re-energizes me leaving me with a fresh perspective of my business week and committed to money making activities and delegating the rest. In this business it’s easy to make excuses for why you can’t meet your goals because you’re the only one holding yourself accountable, Victor has helped me define clear achievable goals and absolutely crush them with top performance results. Working with Victor is like having a board of directors that bring unparalleled experience, tools, and advice to my business. At the end of the day, results speak for themselves. I could write for days about the successful systems and relationships he has helped me build, but numbers are what matters. ​I finished 2016 strong with a quarter million gross commission.  With Victors support and coaching I more than doubled that in 2017 and year to date April 2018 I’ve nearly closed the same GCI from the entire year of 2016. Thank you Victor!

– Jessica Nieto
Broker, Brooke Realty

“Working with Mary has been awesome”


Working with Mary has been awesome. First, from the beginning, it really felt like we were “matched” properly of what dynamic I needed in our business / yet also relatable on a personal level as well. That has been such a refreshing experience compared to previous experiences with coaching in the past. Second, Mary brings a fun & friendly approach to our sessions, yet with a nice balance of getting right to the point & discussing most important topics for that session. I have really enjoyed working together & more importantly growing with her as my coach. The information she has used in her own business, sharing sheets, auto plans, etc. has been such a time saver and provided so much value beyond our sessions.

– Lisa VanHara
Keller Williams Towne Square, NJ

“The constant encouragement, ideas, and motivational push is something that keeps me going harder and harder each day”


Personal coaching is something I was hesitant about because of the upfront cost. I will be the first to tell you that it’s something I haven’t even thought of since beginning my work with my coach. The constant encouragement, ideas, and motivational push is something that keeps me going harder and harder each day. I truly believe that I’m going to continue to have success due to my coach and the materials Debbie’s program has provided me with.

– Brittney Kusmierski
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Ambassador Real Estate

“In this past year Dave has helped me to excel to over 6 figures”


When I signed up with Dave, about a year ago, I was making about $82,000. Well in this past year Dave has helped me to excel to over 6 figures. I owe that to Dave. Dave has been a huge inspiration to me, as well as Debbie De Grote’s program. They have guided me through the last year to more than double my income. Not only am I able to talk to Dave every other week for our scheduled appointment, but I also am able to call, text or email him and he answers questions for me. He’s able to help me and guide me. My business has absolutely blossomed. I will continue to make the investment in Dave and in coaching because it helps me to not only be a better agent, a better mother, a better person all the way around, but it really is amazing coaching. It’s not just about our business; it really is a holistic aspect. And if you’re out there thinking about having a coach and on the fence about it, the coaching program and specifically Dave Clark have absolutely been a huge blessing to me and my family. So Dave is wonderful and absolutely who I owe this huge increase in my business to.

– Jodi Ferguson
Real Estate Professional, 
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate

“With Alyssa’s help, I significantly exceeded my income goal for last year”


I’ve been selling real estate in Seattle for 13 years. I tried working with a coach several years ago, and it was a terrible experience that left me thinking I might be uncoachable. Turns out, it wasn’t me, it was the coach. In complete contrast, I’ve been working with Alyssa as my coach for a little over a year now, and it’s been an extremely positive experience. I think there are two things that make the difference. First, I feel like Alyssa is emotionally invested in helping me succeed, not just taking my money. Second, she doesn’t expect me to follow a generic checklist of “to do’s” that worked for someone else. Instead, we work as a team to come up with action plans that play to my strengths and preferences. During our phone calls, we review my progress on that plan, then we agree on next steps that will bring me business. Knowing that I’ll have to report to Alyssa helps me hold myself accountable for doing the things that bring me business instead of just busy-work that makes me feel productive, but doesn’t make me any money. Alyssa is also a great source of information and resources, which saves me a lot of time and effort. She praises me when I deserve it and challenges me when I need it. With Alyssa’s help, I significantly exceeded my income goal for last year, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Keeping her as my coach is a no-brainer.

– Alice Kuder
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, NW Real Estate

“My coach has helped transform my business routine”


I have been working with Debbie’s program and my personal business coach for almost 2 years now.  My coach has helped transform my business routine, worked with me on staff corrections and improved administration procedures, increase my daily efficiency as a veteran agent with 30 years’ experience, and introduced me to valuable ideas for increasing my production, improving my methods and also to other professional agents whom share similar ethics and career goals. She is a powerhouse of “Can Do” mentality and leaves no corner of my business unchecked. I highly recommend Debbie’s team for the coaches’ coaching skills —whether to a new recruit seeking to have the best start to their career, or to an established veteran such as myself who is the proverbial old dog needing to learn new tricks.  My coach makes a positive difference in my business and keeps my mental focus more sharp and steady than I could ever manage without her help.

– Ernie Carswell
Broker, Teles Properties

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